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Touristic services with cars, vans and buses


We love our city and our country, we’re from Genova.

A vacation can be stressful if you don't plan it the right way. Here at Cairocar we want to simplify your travel itinerary with tailored solutions to make your travel a real delight.

Our latest vehicles and our professional drivers can take you to the most fascinating places in Genova where you can discover the city which is mostly unknown to people and out of reach to a lot of touristic buses.

Make your trip an unforgettable and customized experience!

Our years of experience make us great partners who can provide you with all the support you need. We offer safe, comfortable and pleasant transfers from travel points to your hotel with the attention of our professional drivers.

We offer:

  • AutoCairocar 14

    Station, port, airport and hotel transfers, competitively priced.

  • AutoCairocar 14

    Sightseeing tours in Genova with interpreting service and touristic guide service upon request.

  • AutoCairocar 12

    Touristic excursions across our beautiful region: Cinque Terre, Portofino, le Riviere, Alassio, Sanremo and Montecarlo. An charming trip that is unforgettable.

  • Freccia

    Touristic excursions across the Europe on our G.T. buses.

  • Freccia

    We can help you plan your travel itinerary giving our guests advice on the best attractions in Europe, hotels and restaurants.

  • Freccia

    Shopping transfers, wine and food events and special events.

  • Freccia

    Security service upon request.


  • nave

    What if you're planning to go on a cruise in Genova and before debarking you want to plan an amazing trip to Cinque Terre with no worries? Call us at any time and our driver will be waiting for you, ready to take care of your trip assuring a comfortable and delightful travel. You will save your energy and enjoy the beauties of this country.

  • shopping

    What if you want to go shopping in the best stores in Genova or Milano? Our drivers are ready to give you advice about the most glamorous fashion boutiques. The attention to detail is the essence of our work, which is tailored individually for you.

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