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Special events and ceremonies


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Big events and ceremonies shouldn't be stressful. They should be delightful. We know that.

If you are planning a special event or a European tour, we will drive you safely. You can have a professional touristic guide upon request.
Our buses are constantly monitored and are fully functional and our drivers have years of experience.

We connect with you and understand that ceremonies are meant to be enjoyable but they can be hard to organize, particularly weddings. We can help you. We provide bridal cars with an expert driver in a formal suit and all the seats you need to accompany guests so they can relax and celebrate with you. Your wedding day should be the most wonderful day of your life and we can make it flawless.

Choose the car that best suits your needs: we have an entire fleet waiting for you.

Your trip will fit you like a glove, just like your wedding dress.


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