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Why choose a chauffeured service

Why choose a chauffeured service?

This is an easy question but one that cannot taken for granted. If you choose a chauffeured driven car company we understand that you're asking for a service that provides drivers who meet all legal requirements.
Vehicles are licensed for passenger transportation and are fully insured. They are also periodically inspected and subject to annual MCTC tests.


How does the chauffeured service work?

Advance reservation is required for service. This means you can take into account all of your travel options, we can advise you on your travel, we will schedule it with accuracy, and only then you will make a reservation. We then give you an exact price.
Variation in prices is dependent on discussion with you during estimate of costs.
Our services always include an invoice and are fully deductible, VAT 10%.
Rates are calculated by route or hourly and the service is available to whomever makes a request.


Why is customer service relationship important?

If you choose a chauffeured service you invoke a customer service relationship. This means that the guest is a client for all intents and purposes. Every single client is important,with each having their own requirements and needs. Consumer relations are essential, the company shows the vehicles, the drivers and all the details about the travel.
These customer service relationships are intended to be long-lasting.



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